How to Contact Michael Emerson

If you are wondering how to send fanmail, here are some suggestions on what you should include:

1) Letter—Michael seems to be wonderful at reading letters and personalizing photos

2) Photo—It could be any size, just include a SASE big enough for your photo. You can also include a piece of cardboard with your photos to keep it from bending or just write DO NOT BEND on the envelope.

3) SASE (Self-Adressed, Stamped Envelope)—You can get a reply without sending one, however, it is always nice to include it, and, it will increase your chances of getting a respose. It would also be wise to write DO NOT BEND on this envelope, as well so nothing happens to your photos (even if you don’t send him one, he may send you one from his promo photos) on their way back to you.

4) IRC’s (International reply coupon)—Use only if you live outside of the United State. Because you are sending it to Hawaii, USA, the number of IRCs neeeded is dependent on the size of the photo you are sending. For example, f you are sending something like an 8 x 10, then 2 IRCs should work.

That’s about it. Generally there seems to be about 1-2 months wait to get the photos back signed. Good luck!!

As Michael Emerson left Hawaii for good, and, as he now splits his time between Los Angeles and NYC (where he films Person of Interest), here are the three mainland addresses you can use to send your letter:

Michael Emerson
Vanguard Management
8060 Melrose Avenue, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Michael Emerson
Abrams Artists Agency, LA Division
9211 Sunset Boulevard,11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Michael Emerson
Abrams Artists Agency, NYC Diviision
275 Seventh Avenue 26th Floor
New York, NY 10001