About This Site

Meet Michael Emerson, a wonderful and talented Broadway actor who plays enigmatic characters on television. He is particularly known for his portrayal of Henry Gale/Benjamin Linus on the popular show LOST.

Michael Emerson is a tremendously talented actor who is intrigued that he is often contracted to play damaged and dangerous characters. The reality is that he can play Shakespeare, Ibsen, among other difficult playwrights. Michael Emerson views himself as a comedic actor, but he is comfortable playing tragedy, as well as horror. He is well known for his portrayal of Zep Hindle in Saw and Henry Gale (AKA Benjamin Linus) in LOST.

The purpose of this site is to share with the public the devotion, admiration, as well as the support and recognition this gifted actor deserves to receive. Please feel free to navigate and learn about Michael Emerson’s many accomplishments.

My heartfelt thanks to my friend Shannon (Flummery) who helped me initially by writing Michael’s and Carrie’s bios and for encouraging  me to go on with my plan.