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Michael Emerson is now on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t know how much it’s his tweets and his FB posts, but you can follow him by clicking on the links.



According to Mamahub of Tumblr and Tweeter, CBS canceled the event wherein Michael Emerson was going to tweet with the Person of Interest fans because the staff was up late shooting another episode.

This may be old news, but it is nice to see it again. On April 6, 2013, Pola Rocha Barnert, who follows Terry O’Quinn on Twitter, asked him who was his best friend while on LOST and who was his best friend today. And the answer was…..

It is so nice to know that Bocke is alive and well!

The writers of Person of Interest are now on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow them by clicking here.

Also, the photo gallery, once again, posted a new photo. Just click here to view the larger version of the photo that I am displaying here:

Carrie Preston, Michael Emerson’s beautiful wife, tweeted the following on September 6, 2012:

Congratulations, Michael and Carrie on your 14 year anniversary. Here’s wishing you many, many more.

Jayme Deerwester, whose Twitter bio says that she is ah online producer for USA Today’s TV coverage by day, swim/bike nerd by morning (and occasional evening); foodie-come-lately, tweeted the following about Michael Emerson.


Michael Emerson as Finch on Person of Interest, the new CBS sci-fi, criminal drama:

Larger and other photos available here.

Official Page on CBS.com

CBS also created an official page for this show. CBS is not known for streaming shows on their website the day after the show airs. Maybe there will be an exception with this show. Nonetheless, if you are interested in learning more about the characters, the actors, and the show, you may want to visit the site. Click here or on the image to get there.


Or, if you want to, you can join and LIKE the Facebook page. (Click here or click on the image to be redirected).


And you can even follow on Twitter. (Again, click here or on the image to be redirected.)

hudsonette, on August 8, 2010, wrote this on Twitter:


I just had a wonderful chat with Michael Emerson aka “Ben” on LOST while riding the shuttle to Grand Central. #

I said “You look like Michael Emerson.” He looked up from the Times, smiled & said “Yes, I’m often told that. #

I said: “I must tell you. You are my favorite Oscar Wilde.” He beamed & thanked me. I could tell he hadn’t expected me to say that. #

I said it was the first play I saw when I came to NYC and it was such a striking performance it started my love of the theater. #

He said it was his debut theater role in NY. I told him I saw him in Hedda Gabler – he was good but I didn’t like the production. #

He agreed the production had “issues.” I said I was aware he went off to do LOST, thinking “good, they’re using his talents!” & he laughed. #

I said that I’ve seen many plays since, but his performance as Oscar Wilde still stays with me and I hope he’ll return to the theater. #

He said he’d like to but he has vocal problems & didn’t know if he could commit to 8 performances a week – he didn’t want to be afraid # that his voice wouldn’t be able to handle it. We agreed that it takes so much stamina to be on Broadway. #

The shuttle to Grand Central is a short ride. When the doors opened, I told him I was happy to meet him, he said yes, happy to meet you too # and we went off on our separate ways. I like that about New York. #

It’s always nice to be able to tell a professional that their work had meaning for you – be it an actor, musician or teacher. They like it. #

These were a number of tweets that I collated into one cohesive post. (Each # represents a link to the actual Twitter post.)

MEmerson_Net is having problems with Twitter. This is the new Twitter for the Michael Emerson Website. Feel free to Follow

Michael Emerson’s better half and on-screen mother turns 43 today—and is already having a good day, according to her Twitter account.

“Thanks for birthday wishes! Fun day so far. Michael made me breakfast, my dog Chumley snuggled me, got lotsa calls, emails, FBs, tweets”

Source: Carrie Preston on Twitter

Mild spoiler regarding whether Michael Emerson is in LA or HI.

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