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The Michael Emerson Photo Gallery has new photos. To view them, click here.

Here’s a teaser:

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Another great photo from Chris Fisher’s Instagram:

Larger version can be located here.

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I am, once again, informing you that Michael Emerson was NOT able to meet his obligation to chat with fans. This time, he was supposed to answer fans questions over at A tweet from @reddit_AMA informed us that the event will be rescheduled. I guess Michael Emerson must be extremely busy filming Person of Interest. Things should calm down in the end of spring when the show is wingding down. As always, as soon as I find out something, I’ll post it here.

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Back in the spring of 2011, Michael Emerson and his beautiful wife Carrie Preston granted an interview to WestLake Malibu Style Magazine. The Meet Michael Emerson website recently was able to obtain a copy that we are sharing with you. The larger version of these scans are available here.


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Person of Interest’s director uploaded two new photos of Michael Emerson onto his Instagram’s account:

To view  the larger versions of these photos, click here.

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According to Mamahub of Tumblr and Tweeter, CBS canceled the event wherein Michael Emerson was going to tweet with the Person of Interest fans because the staff was up late shooting another episode.

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Apparently, CBS pulled the URL that directed fans to the site wherein Michael Emerson was going to chat with his fans over Twitter. Moreover, the Facebook event that was also going to direct the fans to the chat event was removed.

I apologize for this inconvenience. I don’t know why this event was cancelled nor why CBS and Person of Interest production staff chose not to address the cancellation with the fans. I think that this was a disservice for the many Michael Emerson fans. Whether it was Michael Emerson who chose not to do the chat—he has indicated through many of his  personal correspondences with his fans (via snail mail), as well as through his many interviews, that he is not techno savvy—or whether other circumstances made it impossible to continue with the plan, it would have been the right thing to inform the fan.

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Join Michael Emerson from Person of Interest for a LIVE Chat, on Tuesday, January 7, at 10 pm ET (& pm PT)!

If tweeting your questions via Twitter, don’t forget to use #PersonOfInterest!

Join the conversation here:

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Here’s a video of Michael Emerson and his wife Carrie Preston filming an upcoming scene for Person of Interest:

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The Michael Emerson Photo Gallery just acquired these new photos:





Larger version of these photos are available here.

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