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I found an interesting entry in the Michael Emerson Forum that is associated with this website (new members are always welcome in our community) that I’d like to share here with the public. The entry was written by Jean and here’s the actual quote:

We have all heard about Michael’s early days acting on the stage in the local theater. The Sept/Oct issue of the Iowa History Journal has an article about that stage and gives Michael a one-sentence acknowledgement. (The story is, afterall, about the theater, not Michael, in his home town.)

Anyway, here is a scan [the larger version is available here] of that part of the article. If you want to research it any further you can use the link to the magazine, but I will tell you that is the only part of the article about Michael, so it is a thin thread. I was impressed that the theater looks so good. Usually community theaters are in garages or old hardware stores or churches. This is, apparently, a bona fide theater, which has, of course, deteriorated over the years and fell upon bad times, even becoming a meeting place for the Ku Klux Klan. But now it sounds like they want to restore it to its former glory.

Iowa is funny that way. Unlike Minnesota which concentrates all its arts and sciences in the Twin Cities metro area or Rochester (home of Mayo Clinic), Iowa has impressive touches of culture sprinkled throughout its towns and small cities. It’s surprisingly cosmopolitan while at the same time down-home, if at times, a touch feral in some areas. LOL

There also seem to be many notables from Iowa. Obvvy, John Wayne from Winterset. Jean Seberg from Marshalltown, Andy Williams from Wall Lake, Ashton Kucher and Terry Farrell from Cedar Rapids, Michael, of course, Bill Bryson from Des Moines and let us not forget Capt. James T. Kirk from a town south of Iowa City.


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