Michael Emerson is once again giving interviews. Here’s the newest on with CBS News.

The cast members of CBS’ hit drama “Person of Interest” work pretty long hours — many of which are spent outside, and this year they faced an additional obstacle: bad weather.

Filming in and around New York City caused a few hurdles as snow storm after snow storm battered down the East Coast.

“The New York winter, particularly this New York winter, has been rough,” said Michael Emerson who portrays Harold Finch in “Person of Interest,” alongside castmates Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapman.

Emerson recalled shooting during a major snow storm in New York City’s Madison Square Park earlier this year. “It was all outdoors — all day. And the snow came earlier than what was expected. So by mid-day…we’re all covered with snow — they have to come with brushes and de-ice us between scenes,” he said.

The show, which is winding down taping for season 3, just got renewed for a fourth season. Emerson said it wasn’t a huge surprise to hear the news because of the show’s solid viewership, but he’s grateful nonetheless.

As for the remainder of the current season, Emerson said story lines that are already in motion will play out even further.

“There is competition to the Machine out there, and the Machine itself is not playing by the rules any longer. So it’s a very scary time for our heroes — whether they’ll get numbers, whether they’ll get the right numbers, or whether they’re being played. There’s a lot of that going on. We continue to crank out episode after episode of social security numbers and people that need our help,” Emerson told CBS News.

Emerson said he hopes that his character — a billionaire software genius — grows more complicated in the seasons to come. “You begin to see the cracks in the veneer that you may have taken for granted at the beginning,” he said.

“Mr. Finch may be more tired and more certain than he was at the beginning of things, and he has more morale dilemma I think now that the Machine has gone rouge in effect and that the forces allied against him — it must make him sleepless. They seem so powerful and so numerous and insurmountable,” said the 59-year-old actor.

In Tuesday’s (March 18) episode, the Machine assigns Root (Amy Acker) to seek out a janitor with a mysterious past, but when her presence puts his life in danger, Finch also receives his number.

Emerson, who’s married to actress Carrie Preston, will sometimes sit down with his family in New York to watch the show.

“If I’ve seen it before and the rest of the family hasn’t, I will sit through it one more time just because it’s fun. You can do commentary as it goes along,” he said.

Like tell the back-story of shooting on that icy-cold day in Manhattan.

For more on “Person of Interest” and Emerson’s interesting career path (he’s worked as a carpenter and magazine illustrator), check out our sit-down interview with him above. It includes a preview of tonight’s episode.

We also asked Emerson to answer some of your Twitter questions — check out his answers in the video above.

“Person of Interest” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.
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When it comes to the LOST finale, I didn’t like it. I was also not happy that many mysteries were not solved. Moreover, I was not happy that, as the show was nearing it’s end, nonetheless new mysteries were thrown in the mix and were never resolved. But that’s my opinion, not Michael Emerson’s opinion. Here’s a new interview he made for CBS:

BC’s hit series “Lost” premiered 10 years ago this September, and some of the cast members will be celebrating the milestone Sunday night at PaleyFest 2014 in Los Angeles.

Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are expected to attend the anniversary event, along with a several former cast members, including Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Jorge Garcia, Emilie de Ravin, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Nestor Carbonell and Henry Ian Cusick.

One person who’s unable to attend is Michael Emerson, who portrayed villain Ben Linus on the show. Emerson, who will be in New York City taping season 3 of the CBS drama “Person of Interest,” said although he can’t be there for the reunion he still keeps in touch with his fellow castmates and has made lifelong friends.

During a visit to CBS New on Friday, Emerson reflected on “Lost” and gave his interpretation of the show’s still-talked-about series finale, which aired May 23, 2010.

Emerson said he really like the way the show ended (particularly for his character), although he says he “may be in the minority.”

“I thought because ‘Lost’ was told in an unusual way; it wasn’t a straight line. It seemed to be a story whose narrative exploded in all directions,” Emerson said. “So, how are you going to wrap that up? And the only way I could think of — and the way they ended up doing it — was to bring everything back to the middle — to return to the beginning…To me, it was very satisfying.”

To find out what Emerson thinks about the finale in terms of Ben Linus, check out the video above.
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The New York Times has a wonderful article about Michael Emerson and his wife, Carrie Preston. Here it is for your enjoyment:

A Farmer’s Breakfast, and Then a Wander

The actor Michael Emerson, 59, of “Person of Interest,” and his wife,
the actress Carrie Preston, 46, of “True Blood” and “The Good Wife.”
Dave Sanders for The New York Times

When the actor Michael Emerson, 59, walks around Manhattan, it’s not unusual for people to stop him and ask if he’ll pose for a picture. The television shows “Lost” and, currently, “Person of Interest” have made his spiky hair, thick-rimmed glasses and long sideburns a giveaway. He takes it in stride, even on Sunday, which he designates a day of leisure, reserved for meandering, cultural events and time with his wife, the actress Carrie Preston, 46 — who herself is recognized for her roles in “True Blood” and “The Good Wife” — and her extended family. The couple live with their rescue dog, Chumley, 4, near Columbus Circle.

HELLO, SUNSHINE Sunday is the most domestic day of the week. It’s the day when I feel the least pressure to get anything done. We get up fairly late, I suppose, around 9 o’clock. We throw open the shades that make the room dark and we make the bed. We’re like a synchronized team. We each have a shade to raise.

SQUARE MEAL Then we divide forces. Carrie gives Chumley his morning walk and I prepare the breakfast. Frankly, she’s sharper in the morning and I’m probably the better cook, so it makes sense. Plus, that relieves her of having to do the late-night walk, which is maybe a little more sinister. I make kind of a heavy, farmer’s, protein breakfast. Bacon and eggs, that kind of thing. She used to join me in that, but lately she’s making these green smoothies.

Mr. Emerson cooking bacon and eggs for a Sunday breakfast
at his Manhattan apartment.
Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

READING AND WRITING Then we take care of the paperwork, or I should say the electronic work. I may read the paper for a bit while she starts on the computer. Then I’ll join her and I’ll get my laptop out and try to answer correspondence and get a handle on the week to come.

SHIFT GEARS Around noon, we’re still in our jammies, and that seems wrong somehow, so we need to get crackin’ and someone needs to shower first and then we get out of the house. She usually has more organized activities than I: a get-together with lady friends, or a rehearsal or a reading, or a meeting about one of her many film or TV projects. I dawdle longer.

Mr. Emerson and Ms. Preston are often recognized by fans of their shows.
Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

MAN ABOUT TOWN If the weather’s fair, I like to take Chumley to Central Park and just walk around, do a bit of promenading with him. I dress more formally than a lot of the other boys do. If I’m going to be out and about on the town, I will generally wear a tie and a vest. Not necessarily a jacket.

FANS APPROACH I get recognized. It happens regularly, by two sets of fans: younger people who are fans of “Lost” and older people, oftentimes their parents, who are fans of “Person of Interest.” But now, I think the balance has shifted. Carrie’s so present on so many shows, with her vivid red hair, that people pick her out. Now I’m the one that people, they say, “Excuse me, could you take our picture?

Mr. Emerson exploring the “Out of Hand” exhibit
at the Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan.
Credit Dave Sanders for The New York Times

POSSIBLE DETOUR My default mode is to wander. But if I see an interesting little show or some kind of artwork or some kind of play, I may go to see that as well. I went recently to see a show of Czechoslovakian pop-up books. It was at the Grolier Club. There’s all kinds of funny little exhibition and gallery spaces around this town.

VISITING Sunday is, more often than not, family dinner night. So we go to the in-laws, who have kids, and we’ll either order in or somebody will cook. We pick up the peripheral goods on our stroll down Ninth Avenue. You know, baguettes and beer and red wine, and whatever is required.

WHO’S ON TV? We’ll watch some TV event. It could be a show that either Carrie or I have a role in that everyone hasn’t seen already. Often it’ll be “The Good Wife,” which is on Sunday nights anyway. If Carrie’s on, we definitely make time for that. Or everybody will watch that week’s “Person of Interest.” There’s a lot of hooting and laughing and snide comments. And we get to do the behind-the-scenes commentary.

FIRST TO BED It grieves me on Sundays to have to cut family night short, because it’s one of the chief pleasures of the week. But I have just never adjusted to the early mornings of the TV world. If I have to be in bed at 9, that’s just too grim. It’s too grim to go down and have a bite to eat and then go to bed before the schoolchildren.

SUNDAY NIGHT BLUES I still get the old, childhood, Sunday night feeling. The end of playtime and the beginning of responsibility comes over you. The Sunday night blues. It never goes away. I’ll take a Benadryl maybe. A Benadryl and a dull book.

Larger versions of the photos featured in this article are available here.

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Michael Emerson revealed in his newest interview in The Loop, Canada’s TVGuide, that he will NOT be attending the LOST Reunion scheduled this September in 2014.  He claims that  to be very involved with his CBS hit (Person of Interest) to have time to make the event. This new information will sadden a lot fans who have booked or are thinking of booking their lodgings for that event. Here’s the article for your reading information:

While Tuesday’s episode of Person of Interest (“Last Call”)the first one back after the Olympics hiatus–appears to centre mainly on Finch (Michael Emerson) and his efforts to go undercover as a 911 operator, don’t expect a reappearance from the love of his Finch’s life, Grace (Carrie Preston, True Blood). Not yet at least.

At a recent junket for Person of Interest and a number of other Warner Bros. shows, Emerson told TV Guide Canada that it’s entirely possible for a Grace/Finch reunion in the future. In fact, he said, it seems inevitable

“Certainly the Harold and Grace storyline is not over,” Emerson said without hesitation when asked about Preston’s future with the show.

“It’s a question of scheduling,” he added. “[Preston's] day job is True Blood for HBO. They need her attention and her services probably most of the time. But some day that show will be over and maybe she will be more available…”

As POI fans will recall, Preston was last seen in the November 2013 episode “God Mode.” At this moment in time, Grace assumes that her former fiancé, Finch, is dead, with him having previously faked his death to protect her from the dangers that come with knowing about The Machine. If Preston were to appear in a future episode, Grace would either have to learn that he’s actually alive, or simply be seen in flashbacks.

At this moment, Preston is busy playing Arlene Bellefleur on the set of True Blood. She’s also done a number of cameo spots this year, appearing on recent episodes of The Following and The Good Wife. Her schedule should open up a bit by the end of this season, however, seeing as her Following arc wrapped nearly as soon as it begun, and The Good Wife is prepping to finale in the spring. Plus, as Emerson previously alluded to, True Blood has announced that this will be its final season.

While his wife is shooting various shows, Emerson remains tied up with everything POI. He’s so involved in the CBS hit, in fact, that it looks like he won’t be able to make another much-awaited reunion–the Lost 10-year reunion–happen.

“I would love to be there, but I can tell you right now that’s it’s not going to work out,” Emerson, who played Ben Linus on Lost, told the journalists attending the New York junket with regards to appearing at a previously scheduled Paleyfest-hosted commemorative event. “It’s in March, I think, and I will be here shooting.”

When it comes down to it, it sounds like he’s a one-show, and one-woman, man.

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If you missed the first TweetChat on CBS with Michael Emerson, CBS was kind enough to compile all the tweets and have them available to the public. Please click here to view them or just click on the nice photo of Michael Emerson. Either link will lead you to the right place. Enjoy.

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The photo gallery has 3 new photos of Michael Emerson, Carrie Preston, and Chumley. Here are the teasers:


Larger versions are available here. Enjoy!

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Michel Emerson was scheduled for an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. He was asked 536 questions—yours truly asked one of them, but alas, my question was not picked by him—and he answered quite a few of them.

I will post all the questions and answers in this blog in a few days. (I want to differentiate the font to make Michael’s answers easier to read. But till then, you are welcome to view it here. Just be forewarned that not all questions and answers are available at that site.

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Great news for Michael Emerson fans, especially fans who’d like to communicate with him online. Michael Emerson will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on reddit>” this Monday (February 24, 2014) at 5:30pm EST!  So gather your questions and either click on the reddit link or click on this graphic and you will be directed to the right place.

Then, after you had your questions answered, CBS will have a live chat with Michael Emerson on Tuesday (February 25, 2014) at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT. Click on the graphic to be directed to the right place. Have fun and good luck, everyone.

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I guess there’s nothing more exhilarating to a fan than to accidentally bump into his or her favorite celebrity. Natalie Weiss, who, according to her website is a singer, an actress, a teacher, and a riffer (def.—in popular music and jazz—a short repeated phrase, frequently played over changing chords or harmonies or used as a background to a solo improvisation)(watch her videos on riffing here) was lucky enough to be in the same restaurant as Michael Emerson, and the rest is Twitter history:

This is her next tweet:

And here’s that coveted photo:

The larger version can be viewed at her twitter or at the photogallery.

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The Michael Emerson Photo Gallery has new photos. To view them, click here.

Here’s a teaser:

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