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Michael Emerson is now on Twitter and Facebook. I don’t know how much it’s his tweets and his FB posts, but you can follow him by clicking on the links.



Found this article in Deadline.com:

Michael Emerson & Sally Field Will Lead All-Star Reading Of Oscar Wilde Docu-Drama Banned By Kremlin

What Moscow rejects, Manhattan embraces: Moisés Kaufman’s celebrated 1997 docuplay Gross Indecency: The Three Trials Of Oscar Wilde, recently canceled by the Kremlin during pre-production, will be presented in October by a star-driven cast as a fundraiser in New York.
Emmy-winner Michael Emerson (LostPerson Of Interest) and Oscar winner Field (Norma Rae) will be joined by Jonathan Groff (HBO’s Looking and currently on Broadway in Hamilton), Michael C. Hall (Showtime’s Dexter), David Hyde Pierce (NBC’s Frasier, Broadway’s Vanya And Sonia And Masha And Spike), Tony Kushner(Broadway and HBO’s Angels in America), Judith Light (Amazon’s Transparent, Broadway’s Other Desert Cities), Darren Criss (Fox’s Glee, Broadway’s Hedwig And The Angry Inch), Tituss Burgess (Netflix’ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and others. Emerson played Wilde in the original off-Broadway production.

Earlier this year, Kaufman and his Tectonic Theater Project were working with the Moscow New Drama Theatre and the U.S. State Department to produce a Moscow revival of Gross Indecency. In the middle of pre-production, the Kremlin blocked the production because of the play’s LGBTQ content. Kaufman and the company then decided to produce the benefit reading to spotlight the suppression of the rights of the LGBTQ community in Russia.

The reading, staged by Kaufman, will take place October 5 at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater on the West Side campus of John Jay College. Proceeds will benefit the Tectonic Theater Project and the International Gay And Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The reading will be sponsored by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the Hilda Mullen Foundation. Info is at tectonictheaterproject.org.

The photo is available here as well.

DarkUFO and SpoilerTV (both maned by the same person) posted an interesting article about a future project for Michael Emerson. I don’t know whether the article was a hoax and was published as an April Fool’s joke (it was published on April 1, 2015) or it was the real deal. If it is the real deal, I am more than happy. I’m megahappy. I’d love to see the LOST characters back together again. So, for your information, here’s the article:

ABC has put in development a spinoff of the landmark series Lost, which ended some 4 years ago. The spinoff, tentatively titled “Lost: Dr. Linus”, is written/executive produced by Elizabeth Sarnoff and directed by veteran Lost director Jack Bender.

The series, which will focus on the adventures of Dr. Linus in the flash-sideways timeline of the final season, is eyeing 8 series regulars. Michael Emerson will lead the ensemble cast, with Tania Raymonde (Alex Rousseau) Daniel Roebuck (Dr. Leslie Artz) and William Atherton (Principal Don Reynolds) also returning. Four new characters have yet to be cast, while former Lost actors Terry O’Quinn, Henry Ian Cusick and Mira Furlan could potentially recur.

I hear the series, which is being eyed for the 2016-17 TV season, will have 15 or 16 episodes per season. That number is in line with that of the latter seasons of Lost, which was a demand from the show’s developers. It comes as no surprise since both worked on the series’ third season, which had 23 episodes and which many fans and critics considered to be the worst season of the show. Therefore, it is only logical that the spinoff will have shorter seasons. All episodes are rumored to have the standard 42-minute length, but supersized finales, which Lost frequently used, are considered likely.

With Emerson currently starring in the CBS series Person of Interest, the project had to be pushed back even though the producers came up with the idea several years ago. But with Person of Interest’s ratings waning, sources close to the series say its all-but guaranteed fifth season is considered to be the last. Should the series continue to run after that, Emerson’s character might be written off the show but it’s far too early to speculate on that.

Of course, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof never denied that there will not be a revival of the LOST revival. Two years after the finale of LOST, Lindelof was quoted by Digital spy saying that “he believed that LOST would return in some form but that he had no plans to contribute.” Lindelof stated that he and his team told their story and had no desire to “go back.,” but that did not mean that the story could not be retold by another team, or that another team could tell the story of other survivors or other aspects of the the famous surviviro’s lives. In fact, according to Lindelof, Disney owns the franchise and there are great financial possibilities with the franchise, just as StarTrek was a financial gold mine. I, personally, would love to see another angle of the survivor’s story.

Additional source: Screenrant.com

Michael Emerson hosted a Public Television series, which to my understanding was shown on Oregon Public Television. Here’s the article about it:

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements is an exciting PBS series about one of the great adventures in the history of science: the long (and continuing) quest to understand what the world is made of—to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter. Three hour-long episodes introduce viewers to some of history’s most extraordinary scientists: Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier, whose discovery of oxygen—and radical interpretation of it—led to the modern science of chemistry; Humphry Davy, who made electricity a powerful new tool in the search for elements; Dmitri Mendeleev, whose Periodic Table brought order to the growing gaggle of elements; Marie Curie, whose groundbreaking research on radioactivity cracked open a window into the atom; Harry Moseley, whose discovery of atomic number redefined the Periodic Table; and Glenn Seaborg, whose discovery of plutonium opened up a whole new realm of elements, still being explored today.

The Mystery of Matter shows us not only what these scientific explorers discovered but also how, using Broadway-caliber actors to reveal the creative process through the scientists’ own words, and conveying their landmark discoveries through re-enactments shot with working replicas of their original lab equipment. Knitting these strands together into a coherent, entertaining whole is host Michael Emerson, a two-time Emmy Award-winning actor.

The series aired Monday, October 20, 27 and November 3 at 10 p.m. on OPB.

A larger version of the photo featured in this post, as well as additional new photos featuring Michael Emerson, are located here.

My heartfelt thanks to Amber Meadows for finding this gem.

The writers of Person of Interest are now on Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, you can follow them by clicking here.

Also, the photo gallery, once again, posted a new photo. Just click here to view the larger version of the photo that I am displaying here:

Michael Emerson has joined the Internet age. He now has his own official website and his own Fan Facebook page. Wow, what now? Maybe, Twitter?

Please go and visit his new sites by clicking on the links that follow.

And, as always, this site will continue to update with all the news we can find about this great actor.

Michael Emerson’s Website

Michael Emerson’s Fan Facebook page.

Michael Emerson, 58, was villainous Benjamin Linus in Lost and now stars in crime drama Person Of Interest as cyber billionaire Harold Finch.

In Person Of Interest you play a tech genius/cyber vigilante who has built a system that predicts violent crime. How close are we to the Orwellian world depicted on the show?
I think we’re closer than anyone would care to say. I’ve read books that suggest the American government might have already tried to create a really sophisticated surveillance system with pattern recognition software. I think I live in an Orwellian world now! I feel like we’re on the cusp of some great cultural shift where machines will take on a dimension of power we never dreamed of.

The show is produced by JJ Abrams (Lost/Mission Impossible III/Star Trek). Was that the attraction?
Sure, I saw the script in JJ Abrams’s office and thought: ‘That’s really cool.’ It’s from [British film-maker] Jonah Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan. They collaborated on Memento, the Batman movies, Inception and so many wonderful dark action thrillers that are based on puzzles and fractured narratives.

Are you a techie yourself?
I’m not very good with electronics and computers. In our household, my wife is the tech engineer. I’m always saying: ‘Honey, come here. I can’t make the thing delete.’ My expertise in the show is definitely play-acting on my part.

You’ve been married to actress Carrie Preston (True Blood/The Good Wife) for more than 12 years – what’s the secret to a long-lasting relationship?
We both have interesting work that satisfies us, we have empathy and we handle each other tenderly and worry about each other. We have been fortunate that we’ve both had success. I suppose it would be hard to be an actor couple if one partner was a big success and the other one was languishing. Also, we each picked someone whose ego was not going to get in the way of things.

Lost was such a phenomenon. What was it like joining the cast?
I wasn’t a regular viewer of the show before getting the part. I didn’t realise the passion level that existed among its viewers. When I was offered a guest spot, it struck me as another job, albeit one that was shot in the middle of the Pacific. I didn’t expect to stay so long in Hawaii. Then I thought: ‘I might turn out to be a regular on this show,’ and that’s what happened. I was never able to go home. I was off to the races; suddenly people knew my face and nothing was the same after that.

How did Lost change your life?
Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I was making a real living. I thought: ‘Well if you stick with your craft, your eventual success will make up for the lean years.’ It was a shock being recognised. It’s a challenge for a person who’s kind of shy like me. You have to adjust but it’s a good way to meet people.

What was it like finding success in your mid-forties?
I’m happy that it happened rather than not happening. But I was never that unhappy. Once I found out what my calling was in my thirties, it honestly didn’t matter much to me if I was famous or making a handsome living. I just loved acting.

But you had to do other jobs to pay the bills?
Yes, I taught, I was a magazine illustrator for many years. I designed posters, I built scenery and I directed plays. I also built decks and painted houses. But I didn’t feel punished by it at all because in the evening, I knew I was going to rehearsal or to a show and I was so happy.

What has been your greatest extravagance since then?
I have been an admirer of tribal rugs for many years and I finally just bought a Turkish rug I had admired in a store window. It’s so beautiful. Now I walk into my living room and there’s that rug, which is a piece of history. It just tickles me. But it was reasonable – only a few thousand dollars.

You’re the voice of the joker in the new animated films, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, (Part 1 and 2). How was that?
It was challenging and daunting, when you think about how closely people follow those big superhero franchises. Thank God I hadn’t seen The Dark Knight when I was engaged to do this work because I might have thrown up my hands and said: ‘This is impossible.’ You don’t want to be The Joker who follows Heath Ledger. But it was a different medium and I think it’s come off fairly well.

Do you have any major goals?
I think it’s every actor’s dream to be on a London stage some day. But I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a five-year plan. I wish I knew more about botany and the names of birds and ancient civilisations. Those kind of things will be the projects of my later years.

To view the larger version of the photo featured in this article, just click here.

Source: METRO.UK


Jimmy Aquino and Michael Emerson have been friends for many, many years. If you ever listen to any of the many interviews that Mr. Aquino has done with Michael Emerson (CNI) , you can sense how relaxed Michael Emerson is when talking to Aquino. You can also sense that they have a history together and that they do like each other. Here’s a great and recent interview Jimmy Aquino made for Stated Magazine. There are some new information even for the die-hard Michael Emerson Fan. Enjoy~Edith

By Jimmy Aquino, Pop Culture Contributing Editor

You can view the larger version of this photo here.

Back in April, I sat down with my friend of 20+ years, actor Michael Emerson, and recorded a lengthy interview for my podcast Comic News Insider (you can hear the full interview in Episode 396, but do forgive my babbling). Following his Emmy Award-winning performance as Benjamin Linus in Lost, he has gone on to star as Harold Finch in the hit CBS action drama, Person of Interest.

In this excerpt from that interview, we go all the way back to his childhood to dig up secrets such as his marching band skills of yore. He talks of how his love of theater began, his journey (with many stops and re-starts) to the path of becoming a working actor, his detour into magazine illustration, rediscovering the acting bug in Florida, meeting and courting his talented and lovely wife Carrie Preston at Alabama Shakespeare Festival, finding success in New York City theatre and eventually TV and film. Great tales of early survival in NYC in the late 70’s, the importance of Shakespeare to the English language, transitioning between Ibsen and Chekhov, escaping the island, faking an ecstasy trip, and never wanting to fight again.

Grab a good glass of bourbon and sip away as you read (and hear in the audio excerpts below) all about the fantastic Michael Emerson.

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