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Michael Emerson sings (sort of) “We’re not going to take it” in an Irish accent in Episode 6 of Season 5 of Person of Interest. Enjoy:

If you missed Part 1, here it is:

Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson attended a Dodgers Game on May 16 or 17, 2015:

Original here or here.

And, once again, there are new photos in the Michael Emerson Photo Gallery. Enjoy.


Michael Emerson, who is best known for his roles in “The Practice” and “Lost,” stopped by Studio 11 LA to talk about his show CBS “Person of Interest.

Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson invite you to join them at the 29th Annual New Harmony Project Writers’ Dinner!

Tickets and more information are available at www.newharmonyproject.org.

Robert Chan
April 14, 2015

As Person of Interest enters the home stretch of its fourth season — no word yet on a Season 5, but show creator Jonathan Nolan says, “We’re feeling very, very confident about continuing to tell our story” — the main cast along with Nolan and executive producer Greg Plageman gathered for a panel at the Paley Center in New York. Watch the full panel above, and read on for highlights.

* Plageman promised “shocks and surprises” for the finale and Nolan says he had to make half a dozen of “those calls” — that is, the call telling a cast member that his or her character had been killed off. But, adds Nolan, “Everyone lives forever in flashbacks,” as evidenced by Taraji P. Henson’s moving return in this week’s episode.

* When Sarah Shahi is ready to return (she recently left the show to have twins), Nolan says, “We have a killer story for her just as soon as she’s back to work.”

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* The PoI shooting schedule is one of the most grueling in television. But star Jim Caviezel believes, “You gotta suffer for your work,” and as long as the show is cinema quality, he doesn’t mind.

* Not everybody feels the same. The show shoots in New York, but the writers are in L.A., so they don’t have to put up with the often-freezing weather. “I think in Season 5, we should make you write the episodes in a cooler!” joked Caviezel’s co-star Kevin Chapman.

Person of Interest airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Source: Yahoo

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