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Sarah Shahi talks about her role in Person of Interest. Listen to what she has to say about Michael Emerson at around 4:35:

Also, here’s an excerpt from an interview she gave IGN:

IGN: What was it like working with the cast? I haven’t met Jim, but I have met Michael, and he’s such an interesting guy with such a unique screen presence.

Shahi: Michael Emerson is just a prince. There’s something about him. He’s so sweet. I don’t know how to describe it. There’s something about him that’s a bit royal. My time with them, ask me this two months from now and I might be like, “Oh, he’s a dick!” [Laughs] But I don’t think that’s going to be the case. No, they’re both incredibly giving actors. This was my first episode, and obviously the new kid on the block doesn’t want to press her luck, you know what I mean? So I respected their boundaries, and they respected mine. We all worked really well with each other. When we could chat in between takes, we did. But our stuff is pretty intense, so there wasn’t really a lot of chatting this time around.

The Michael Emerson Photo Gallery just added new photos. Some of these are just larger versions of older photos. Enjoy.


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Here is a series of videos from the Person of Interest panel from the NYCCC 2014

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

What’s up for Finch and Fusco

Michael Emerson was a guest on the Marilyn Dennis Show (CTV) on September 23,2014. Here’s what the website has about him:

Michael Emerson is a “Person of Interest”

by Lexi Berkowitz,

“I thought there was someone famous standing behind me,” says Michael Emerson of the applause that welcomed him to the Marilyn studio. The Emmy award winning actor and star of CTV’s show “Person of Interest” is in town to talk about the dramatic hit series.

Anyone who caught last season’s finale will definitely want to catch up with the cast as season five starts. “Everything fell apart,” says Emerson of the cliff hanger ending. Though he isn’t prepared to divulge what’s set to happen on the premiere, “where do we land in season five?” he wonders.

Emerson describes the show as “a kind of vigilante drama,” which due to recent events may not be so fictional anymore. Viewers will have to tune in to find out just where fiction meets fact.

Television wasn’t Emerson’s first taste of show business; in fact he never thought he would do anything other than act on Broadway. After falling in love with acting on stage he never thought he’d leave it. “I have fulfilled the dream I had which was to be on Broadway,” he says of the early years.

These days there isn’t enough time for the actor to get back to where he started, “I haven’t been on stage in eight years… cause there’s not enough time off.” Emerson films ‘Person of Interest’ 10 months out of the year, leaving little time for vacation let alone a stage production.

Fans will be interested to see Emerson return to the small screen September 23 at 10pm ET on CTV.

Watch the video by clicking on the photo included here:

On June 5 2014, Murtz Jaffer caught up with Person Of Interest’s Michael Emerson to discuss the new season of the show that premieres tonight on CTV. The pressures of playing a character as popular as Benjamin Linus was on Lost and how Michael Emerson managed to avoid being typecast to find success on a new series was discussed. Michael Emerson elaborated on how he chose the work he involved himself with and how it really always comes down to the writing. There was also a frank discussion about the double-edged sword that is finding success as an actor. On the one hand, it’s great to achieve character notoriety, but on the other, there is a risk to be pigeonholed.

When we last checked in with Person of Interest, some of our favourite characters on the run, armed with new IDs and money.

What made Root, Shaw, Finch and Reese flee?

It was the result of a trial that was conceived by Vigilance Peter Collier who sought to assign responsibility to Finch for the creation of “Northern Lights” and hold our favourite computer nerd liable for privacy violations committed by the U.S. government.

Tonight, Person of Interest returns to see where our heroes ended up and how they adapted to the new identities Root created for them. The problem is that it is often hard to ignore the Machine’s numbers and this results in them all remaining at risk to be detected by Samaritan.

Over the summer, I caught up with Person Of Interest‘s Michael Emerson to discuss the new season. We discussed the pressures of playing a character as popular as Benjamin Linus was on Lost and how Michael Emerson managed to avoid being typecast to find success on a new series. Emerson elaborated on how he chooses the work he involves himself with and how it really always comes down to the writing. We also had a frank discussion about the double-edged sword that is finding success as an actor. On the one hand, it’s great to achieve character notoriety but on the other, there is a risk to be pigeonholed.

Check out the video inserted here.

Source: Inside Pulse

Written by Tanja Forte   // October 7, 2014

Michael Emerson, who plays our favorite computer genius Harold Finch (AKA Professor Whistler), shares his thoughts on the upcoming season four for Person of Interest, its characters and takes a look back the 10th anniversary of Lost. Richard Crouse of CTV News recaps the end of season three and we get a look back at the first three seasons through some show highlights.

I, for one, am glad that the show is challenging enough to keep Michael Emerson interested inPerson of Interest, his character and its mythology. It is fascinating to learn more about his thoughts on Lost and comparing it with CBS’ Person of Interest. Are you excited for the changes in season four?

Richard Crouse Talks With Michael Emerson

Back in June, Michael Emerson shares about being typcast, playing popular characters and success with Murtz Jaffer. Watch next.

Michael Emerson Talks Typecasting

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Michael Emerson tells you why you need to watch Person of Interest:


Just in case you need anymore reasons to watch the #PersonOfInterest premiere #MichaelEmerson has some for you! Watch tonight at 10/9c on CBS! @cbsphoto

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Sorry that I’ve been away from this blog. Once again I was hospitalized. I have a heart condition that can kill you if not caught in time, but if caught on time, it’s totally reversible. I now tied the world record for being a 3 time survivor. I don’t want to break the record. But enough about me. The blog is about Michael Emerson. I am trying to make up those 3 weeks lost. The photo gallery has oodles of new photos for your pleasure:


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