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Carrie Preston posted a cute picture of Michael Emerson in her Instagram:

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Closer Weekly Magazine has an article about Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston. Here’s a teaser:

Around the time that Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2008, they landed at the perfect LA home that is as stylishly offbeat as their Emmy-winning TV performances.

Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston at the Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedomm—NYC—Ziegfeld Theatre—11/ 25/2013

Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston at the Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom—NYC—Ziegfeld Theatre—11/ 25/2013

“What appears to be a Mexican-Moroccan bungalow reveals itself to be a gracious desert home as you move through it toward the seclusion of the backyard,” Michael shares with ‘Closer.’ “Umm, yeah, what Michael said,” Carrie adds with a laugh.

Michael and Carrie at the Annual Creative Arts Emmy Award Presentation—LA—September 15, 2013

Their witty rapport is just what you’d expect from Michael, 60, who plays a quirky, brilliant crime fighting billionaire on ‘Person of Interest,’ and Carrie, 47, who plays a quirky, brilliant criminal attorney on ‘The Good Wife,’ both on CBS.

And with their busy bicoastal life, the three-bedroom home was the perfect fit. “We aren’t in LA full time, so we wanted a place we could move right into without a lot of work,” says Michael, who also shares a Manhattan apartment with Carrie and their rescue Maltipoo, Chumley.

Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston Shopping—July 6, 2014

The biggest construction work they’ve done was rebuilding the chimney. Michael’s past experience as a scenery designer and illustrator is evident in the home’s deep colors and a decor that highlights a taste for the exotic.

“I’d say we have a folk-world, eclectic style that’s full of character and artistry,” Carrie shares, and Michael agrees. “We are attracted to warm-colored things from faraway lands — handicrafts and rugs, carved or painted furniture that’s more antique than modern.”

To read the full story on Michael and Carrie, pick up the new issue of ‘Closer Weekly,’ on newsstands now!

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At the Premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom—NYC—Ziegfeld Theatre—11/ 25/2013

At the Annual Creative Arts Emmy Award Presentation

Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston Shopping

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Larry King now has an interview show on the Internet on Ora.TV. He will be interviewing Michael Emerson this week (maybe Friday?). In anay event, I have the entire quote from Larry King’s website here for you to see. Come back here to find out when the interview is online.

What Would You Ask Michael Emerson?

Larry King will be welcoming Michael Emerson to our studio next week & we want your questions!

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Chumley is as adorable as his people:


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Michael Emerson celebrated his 60th birthday with his wife and friends:

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From Closer Weekly:

Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson have long broken the Hollywood curse.

After being married for 15 years, Carrie reveals to Closer Weekly the success to their marriage—“Mutual respect.”

“He is the yin to my yang,” the 46-year-old actress tells the mag. “We complement each other. We have similar interests, but we’re very different people. When I get too crazy he teaches me to just settle, and when he’s too settled, I get him going! It’s a good balance.”

While Carrie and Michael, 59, both have busy schedules, they still make time for their romance – Carrie even says Michael is her favorite dinner date!

“We’re pretty big foodies and love to try out restaurants and then usually go the theater or see live music,” Carrie adds.

Michael Emerson sure loves his vests, he even wears them to the ball game. On Saturday, April 19, 2014, Carrie Preston shared a photo on her Instagram. She, Michael, and some friends were on the way to the Dodger’s ball game, and of course, Michael is wearing a vest. According to a tweet from Carrie, Michael’s idea of casual is wearing a vest. Gotta love the eccentric Michael Emerson.

Here’s a new photo found on Twitter that has been added to the photo gallery:

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Also, Carrie Preston posted a video on her Instagram of Michael and Carrie singing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”


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