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Check out the new additions to the Michael Emerson Photo Gallery:



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On Thursday, October 3, 2013, at 6:30 pm ET, in New York City, the Paley Center will feature actors Michael Emerson, Jim Caviezel, Kevin Chapman, and Sarah Shahi and  creator and executive producer Jonathan Nolan of Person of Interest to discuss Season 3 of this highly acclaimed TV show. Ticket go on sale September 25 (for Paley Center members and on September 25 for the general public. Cost is $25.00 for member and $30.00 for the general public. This even will be streamed live at 7:20 pm ET, just click here for the link. Here’s the actual write up from the center itself:

Person of Interest

Thursday, October 3, 2013
6:30 pm ET
New York


Jim Caviezel
Michael Emerson
Jonathan Nolan, Creator/Executive Producer
Kevin Chapman
Sarah Shahi

Actors Jim CaviezelMichael Emerson, and creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan are among the people of interest who make CBS’s Person of Interest one of the most provocative shows on television, assuming even greater relevance in the wake of recent revelations of widespread government surveillance programs. Created by Nolan (whose previous works include collaborations with his brother Christopher:MementoThe PrestigeThe Dark KnightThe Dark Knight Rises), the series, now in its third season, stars Caviezel as John Reese, a presumed-dead former CIA agent who teams up with the mysterious billionaire Harold Finch (Emerson) to thwart violent crimes that Finch’s surveillance software invention has identified as about to happen (Time magazine calls them “quasi-legal vigilantes – using power to achieve a definite good, saving the lives of the innocent”). Though typically classified as a crime show—TV Guide praised it as a “rare crime drama that revels in actual mystery, its dark, paranoid tone embodied by two damaged heroes”—Nolan himself told a San Diego Comic Con audience over the summer that he is “unabashed about the fact that it’s a science fiction show.” When news broke this year of PRISM and other real-life government surveillance programs, television critics were quick to draw analogies to Finch’s invention, The Machine, and Nolan responded by saying, “Now that reality has caught up to us, we aim to push a little further in the third season out into that science-fiction space.”

Critics have lauded Person of Interest not only for its riveting, thought-provoking concept, but also its artful depiction of a post–9/11 universe and its splendidly nuanced characterizations. The series also stars Taraji P. Henson and Kevin Chapmanas New York detectives, and adds Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi, both joining the regular cast this season. Joining Nolan and JJ Abrams as executive producers are Greg Plageman and Bryan Burk.

Tickets on sale to Paley Members Wed. Sept. 25 at noon.
On sale to the general public Fri. Sept. 27 at noon.

You can watch the panel stream live.
7:20 pm ET (4:20 pm PT)


    Members: $20
    General Public: $30

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Here’s a beautiful art work that I found on Tumblr:

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Two new and stunning new drawings by Melody Sundberg, of Sweden, has been added to the photo gallery:



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The photo gallery obtained 10 new photos of Michael Emerson:

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I found some interesting stuff in Tumblr. One was a photograph of Michael Emerson with his dog Chumley:

You can view the larger version of this photo here.

Here’s another photo of Michael Emerson at San Diego ComicCon 2013:

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And here’s a cute drawing that Gauna_03 of Tumblr made:

The drawings were based off of these gif files that someone made off of a video presentation that I posted earlier and you can find it here:

I found some interesting stuff in Michael Emerson’s fan page in Facebook, which I uploaded to the Michael Emerson photo gallery.

Now, I personally don’t think that Michael Emerson is the one posting in Facebook, as from the correspondences I’ve had with him and from the interviews I’ve read about him and heard him do, it is quite obvious that Mr. Emerson is not technologically savvy and is proud of it. So, more than likely, the posts are made by either Warner Brothers, Person of Interest, or his own staff members. Either way, the posts, I think I am safe in assuming, are approved by him. Here are smaller versions of these posts, and as always, to view the larger versions, just click here:

I also uploaded an old photo of Michael Emerson in an acting gig from the days before LOST:


Once again, the larger version of these and numerous other photos can be found by clicking here.

Ever wonder what is  Michael Emerson’s favorite app for his iPhone? Well, Adrienne Gaffney of the Wall Street Journal asked him, as well as other celebrities and got an answer: Here’s Michael Emerson’s answer:

Michael Emerson

58, actor who starred on ‘Lost,’ which won him his second Emmy Award. He currently appears on ‘Person of Interest.’
Mr. Emerson uses an iPhone.

WSJ: What apps do you use?
Mr. Emerson: I have this thing called TuneIn Radio which allows you to listen to stations and anything that’s streaming, all over the country and I guess all over the world. A lot of times we’re on location in remote places or in the bottoms of buildings where you can’t get a regular radio signal and I can pick all my local New York favorites. You can select by category, blues or children’s music or college radio stations and just pick whatever you want. I’m such a radio person. I swear I listen to more radio than I watch TV.

I use TuneIn Radio when I’m at work or on location. But I’ll play it the whole time when I’m in my trailer or in my dressing room at the stage.

WSJ: Is there an app that you had that you stopped using?

Mr. Emerson: I’m about ready to get rid of my dictionary app. I keep asking it for words that it doesn’t know. So I’m tired of that. I guess I need the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) or something like that as an app. I should really explore that and get a more powerful dictionary engine because I keep stumping my own dictionary. That’s not right.

Adrienne Gaffney

To view the other celebrities and their answers, just click here.

Seasoned performer who found stardom through ‘Lost’ and ‘Person of Interest’

He may not be a household name, but Michael Emerson became a household face by virtue of his role as the sinister Benjamin Linus in Lost, the leader of the group called the Others on the show’s hallucinatory South Pacific island. Emerson, born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1954, was already a theatre veteran with a string of intermittent TV performances to his credit. Now his ascent became rocket-assisted as he appeared in all of Lost’s six seasons except the first, winning an Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy in 2009.

Lost ended in 2010, leaving even faithful viewers bewildered by its mystical and metaphorical ending, but the following year Emerson was cast as the enigmatic billionaire Harold Finch in the mystery-drama series, Person of Interest. It was created by screenwriter Jonathan (aka Jonah) Nolan, collaborator/brother of film director Christopher, and like Lost, the series is made by JJ Abrams’s Bad Robot production company. Not a bad pedigree, since Abrams’s entertainment juggernaut has also launched AliasFringeUndercovers and Alcatraz on TV, and the movies CloverfieldStar TrekSuper 8 and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The prepost

After a relatively slow start in the US, where it airs on CBS, Person of Interest has suddenly boomed in its second series, and now ranks in America’s top five shows. Season two is currently showing in the UK on Channel 5 on Sunday nights, where it may not topple the likes of Mr Selfridge and Call the Midwife, but is pulling a million-plus viewers and rising.

The show centers around the eccentric relationship between Emerson’s Finch and Jim Caviezel’s John Reese a former CIA agent who had suffered a psychological crack-up following the death of his lover, and was living as a hobo in New York. Finch has devised a computer system for the government called The Machine, able to hoover up data from all manner of surveillance sources to predict terrorist attacks. However, Finch found that it could predict “ordinary” crimes too, though it could only identify an unnamed “person of interest” who was involved, without specifying whether they’re perpetrator or victim. Finch rescued the burned-out Reese from the gutter, and now sends him out as investigator and enforcer on Machine-specified missions…

(1) ADAM SWEETING: What was your first glimpse of Person of Interest?

MICHAEL EMERSON: I read a pilot script. It was sitting on JJ Abrams’s desk. Terry O’Quinn [from Lost] and I had been trying to cook up some kind of project together because we get along so well, and nothing was quite clicking. I thought come on, this is Bad Robot, and I said “what have you got?” So they gave me this thing that Jonah Nolan had written, and I thought it was exciting and I liked the high-tech, high styleness of it and its noir quality. And the fact that it was set in New York City was really appealing, though right now I’m feeling like it’s a bad bargain weather-wise because it’s been really a cold snowy winter here and we shoot outdoors quite a bit, so the work has been kind of tough and bone-chilling lately. I guess I was spoiled by the climate in Hawaii [for Lost], but really the island I prefer is the island of Manhattan.

(2) Is JJ Abrams very hands-on?

No, I think JJ’s role in this particular case was to be the sort of broker or bringer together of the artistic parties. I think he has bigger projects that take most of his attention. But it feels like a Bad Robot show and I’m happy to be part of what seems to be a kind of repertory company of actors who work on JJ’s projects. I just like the stuff he picks. There’s always an element of mystery or the thing untold or the black box into which we cannot see, and I share that feeling with him. That’s where there are some similarities between Lost and Person of Interest . Like all Bad Robot shows it bounces around in time a little bit, it has some central questions that will never be answered, there’s an air of mystery about it. Jonah tried to create a state of paranoia where no-one can be trusted which includes the conventional authorities, although we do have good cops and bad cops.

When I got on Lost I came in the middle of series two, and I think they had peaked in terms of viewership. It was never the same again after the first season, but those who stayed with the show were more fanatical than any TV viewers I’ve been around. I think half the people that talk to me on the street now are still watching Lost, maybe they got the box set. Everyone wants to take you to task for the ending. Finally I met someone the other day who said “I just want to tell you I think the ending was beautiful”, and I said “well thank you for that, I’m glad I didn’t have to make my pitch.” Read the rest of this entry »

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